Burwood Croydon Uniting Church

Burwood Morning

Burwood Morning Congregation worships 10am on Sundays. An inclusive worshipping community of 20 different cultures and languages.

Burwood Morning holds a Sunday School program, with Morning tea following worship. For more information contact Stephen.


Burwood Evening

Burwood Evening Congregation worships at 6pm on Sundays. Utilising contemporary music in a relaxed atmosphere, all who come will find a welcoming space. All are welcome to supper, following worship.

For more information, contact Stephen

Malvern Hill

Malvern Hill Congregation worships at 9am on Sundays. A very welcoming congregation drawing upon traditional liturgy. Malvern Hill holds a Sunday School program, with Morning Tea following worship.

Malvern Hill is located on the corner of Malvern Ave and Murray St in Croydon.

For more information contact Beverly.