Better than....

Better than the Minimally Required

As we watch the TV news, we may be aware that the level of discourse seems to be centered on if something is illegal and if it can be proven. We have accepted what is appropriate as what is not forbidden by our laws. But, do we want a society where all behaviour that is done is only that which is not illegal or do we want better?  Just think about that for a moment. Kindness is not legally required, but it is essential for community. We can have a society where we are defining exchanges on the bases of transactions, but think about what kind of society that will be. We are much more than the processes of basic bodily functions that keep our bodies alive – we are also spirit that seeks relationship and a sense of being valued.


This past week, I met with a young man who has visited our church before, seeking food assistance in the past. As we talked, his face became beaming. As I went through the financial info, it was obvious that the young man was doing well – his decisions had improved to such an extent that his finances were improved. He did not need financial help.  I commented on this and that he seemed to be doing better...he shared that he felt he had gotten control on some unhealthy habits.  As we talked, it dawned on me – he was not here for financial help, he was here to have someone celebrate with him and also to bounce off ideas about his future plans.  He was more than a person surviving – he was a person with a spirit that was rejoicing. I thank God I was not prevented from being a witness and cheerleader for this part of his life.

Stephen Matthews