Groundhog Day Living

Groundhog Day is a comedy that starred Bill Murray as a News Weatherman named Phil who lives the same day over & over - a time loop.  Eventually, Phil gets out of the loop, no longer living the same day over and over because of love. 

Love breaks the unhealthy cycle. 

Are we caught in such loops, where each day seems to seamlessly be absorbed in the last til each day looks like all the same? The same fears push us. The same doubts drive us. The same false hopes motivate us.  You know about those false hopes, right? You know them - If I just do this, then the world will be all right. If I just work hard the same way, it will be alright. If I just get that certain item. If my children do this…

What does your time loop or Groundhog Day look like?

In Hebrews, it is conveyed that faith was thought to be extended or practiced by continual sacrifices being given at the Temple. This meant that people could only feel confident to approach God after appropriate sacrifices were given. However, the writer of Hebrews explains (Heb. 10:11-25) that Christ’s presence ushers in a powerful reminder that God has made a covenant, eternal and perpetual, that God’s ways are always before us. God has written the laws upon our hearts and minds (Heb 10:16).  

The immediacy of God means that our mistakes of yesterday and our unhealthy ways of being do not need to define us, for God sees beyond that. We can approach God not only with a sense of hope and vitality, we can also no longer be defined by what we have done in the past nor held in unhealthy cycles. God is about abundant and growing life – like the sentiment of our vision statement of ‘Growing Life Changing Communities.’ God, who gives breathe in life and hope in daily living is a God who transforms and calls us to be transformed daily. No Groundhog Days for us. Love lifts us beyond the daily cycles to unimaginable new ways of being beyond our pasts.